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At Titan Integrations, we are dedicated to excellence in designing, installing, and maintaining custom audio visual, security and low voltage solutions.

What we do

Our Services


 Audio Distribution

 Room Acoustics

 Installed and Live Sound

 PA and Background 

 Custom Solutions



 Video Distribution

 Conferencing Solutions

 Installed and Live Sound

  Video Wall Systems 

 Projection & Broadcast

Video Confrerencing



Design, Implementation and Management

 High-Speed Wi-Fi

 Network Security and Monitoring

 Fiber Optic and Low Voltage Cabling

 Voice Over IP

 Wireless Collaboration

Networking 2



  Small Collaboration Spaces

 Large Meeting Areas

 Executive & Boardrooms

 Teaching Environments

 Remote Worker Setups

Video Wall in Conference Room - Small


 IP CCTV System

 Burglar and Alarm

Door Access and Control

 Remote Access and Monitoring

 Custom Solutions


Lighting and Shading 

  Intelligent Dimming Systems

 Motorized Window Treatments

 Custom Scene Programming

 Architectural Lighting Design Consultation

 Remote Access via Smart Devices



 One-Touch Meeting Start

Automated Room Scheduling

 Intuitive User Interfaces

 Seamless AV Integration

 Remote Support



  Structured Cabling Solutions

 Fiber Optical Terminations

 Audio/Video Cabling Systems

 Data Center Cabling

 VoIP Cabling Systems

  Wireless Infrastructure

Low Voltage Technician

Markets we serve

Restaurants and Hospitality

advanced technology solutions across the Washington DC metro area

TITAN Integrations specializes in elevating the restaurant experience with advanced hospitality technology solutions across the Washington DC metro area, including tailored lighting automation and dimming solutions that perfect dining ambiance.

Our expertise extends to custom audiovisual systems, designed to captivate and engage guests, setting your establishment apart in cities from Bethesda to Alexandria, and stretching across regions from Annapolis to Loudoun County.

By partnering with us, your restaurant transforms into a destination where technology enhances every meal, ensuring your place as a culinary highlight, no matter the location within the bustling DC area.

Sports Bar wTVs

Corporate Environments and Property Management 

cutting-edge technology solutions

At TITAN Integrations, we deliver cutting-edge technology solutions for corporate environments and property management, blending audiovisual systems, smart technologies, CCTV security, and conference room innovations.

Our approach focuses on efficient, secure workspaces tailored for corporate offices and property management needs. With intelligent automation and CCTV surveillance to ensure safety, alongside advanced conference room setups for effective collaboration, we equip commercial properties to excel in modern efficiency and security.

Partnering with us elevates your space to the forefront of commercial property technology services in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.

Boardroom w Directview

Federal and Local Government 

secure, reliable technology solutions

TITAN Integrations delivers secure, reliable technology solutions for the federal and state government sectors across the Washington DC metro area.

Our offerings include CCTV surveillance, low voltage cabling, custom system design, and conference room updates. Tailored to meet stringent security and compliance standards, our solutions enhance operational efficiency and public safety in key government spaces from the capital to Bethesda, Alexandria, Annapolis, and Loudoun County.

With TITAN, government agencies receive comprehensive support for a more connected and protected public sector.

Government Directview wpeople

Transforming Workspaces

Advanced Technology Solutions

Audio and video innovators specializing in creating a seamless operating system 

Offering state-of-the-art video conferencing systems, high-definition CCTV for enhanced security, and clear audio solutions for meeting spaces.
With secure, robust networking and comprehensive digital signage, our solutions ensure seamless operation and communication. Expert low voltage cabling underpins our installations, guaranteeing efficiency and reliability.

Automations we collaborate with
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Located in and servicing THE WASHINGTON, DC METRO AREA

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